Don't just take my word for it. Here's what my clients are saying!
"I was raving about Jemma's service when I was only a few weeks in, and after 6 months of working together I can only rave about her more. Jemma is the cheerleader I wanted and the supportive reminder I needed, coupled with great advice and wisdom when I got stuck. My mindset around food, exercise, healthy habits and sustainable change has completely shifted in the last 6 months, and while I know I did the 'work' myself, having Jemma there to bounce everything off and keep me going was exactly what I needed. Jemma has a really holistic approach and knows everything happening in your life can impact on your health. Loved our chats!"
"Jemma has changed my life. She has made me see things in a totally different perspective and I wouldn't have got this with anyone else. I wish I did this sooner!!! Jemma is seriously amazing! 1:1 coaching is definitely the way to go if you want to change your life. I have overcome so much mentally that I have a different outlook on health and fitness now. Jemma really spends the time explaining things and helps you work through blockages to get the best outcome for you!!! I wish I could have Jemma as a coach forever, her support and knowledge is one of a kind and I am sooo glad I found her!!! She is one of a kind and worth every cent!!!!"

"I can't believe my 6 months are up! In my last session, the tears started as I said goodbye and as Jemma read back my goals and where I started from and where I am now! Jemma isn't just a coach, she is an incredible friend. Her coaching sessions were like talking to a friend who just listens, has no judgement and just keeps on loving you and encouraging you and sometimes even pushes you in a loving way to achieve your goals. I just love Jemma!!!"

"If anyone is struggling with body image or wanting to better themselves - Jemma is their gal! Jemma helped me become pretty nonchalant about my body, she helped me find out why I feel and think the way I do. It was an amazing experience! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!!"

"If you want to have the best relationship with yourself and love yourself deeply in the one body you have for the rest of your life but not sure how to, Jemma is the coach you need. I wanted to believe in all the things that Jemma posts: the being able to love yourself fully and unconditionally regardless of your body, looking at yourself in the mirror and being proud/joyful, not having binge eating episodes, improving my relationship with food and exercise... they are all true. All possible."


"You made me see that my body doesn't change who I am. Losing weight, gaining weight, wearing make up or wearing size 16 does not define who I am. I am wonderful with or without all of those things and I don't need to change."

My mission is to give you the tools for life, so that you never need to work with another coach again.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this.